NEW STYLE: Jackie lOlita!

Okay, so I've combined two (or even more) fashions to create one, and I've named it. "Jackie lOlita" the name for a classic/vintage fashion mixed…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Aug 14, 2012

Lolita Bently is the Kween of Coney Island

Hi guys! I just want to tell you all I changed my Tumblr URL! It's Kween-Of-Coney Island. I obviously wanted Queen-Of-Coney-Island but it was sadly…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Aug 07, 2012

Peachie Style-spiration

I love this girl, she is so adoreable, and funny.  Check out her Tumblr, deviantart, Youtube,  (Note: She gets a good majority of her clothes from Bodyline!)
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Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Aug 03, 2012

Hair Clips for the ULTIMATE Rocky Horror fans (PLUS A 10% OFF COUPON!)

While searching up and down the internet for cute accessories to show my un-healthy obsession with the greatest musical of all time, I came across…

Style-spiration Harajuku Girls

Remember like 7 years ago when Gwen Stefani had those kawaii friends? I wanted to be them SO MUCH. I loved everything they wore, their…
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Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 25, 2012


Today, being the comidian I believe that I am, I bought Seventeen. While going through it I had a few issues and here is the…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 15, 2012


Reblogged from vanessajakupi Animal crush fetish videos are LEGAL in the UK. Please sign this petition to help ensure proper punishment of those involved in this…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 15, 2012 Originally by vanessajakupi

We are the Nobodies Part 2

Like 2-3 days ago I wrote a blog called 'we are the nobodies' and now I want to talk about famous people who deserve to…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 14, 2012


SO.....Big Brother came back yesterday! I'm so super happy<3 My mother and I watch it so much! I really hope Willie, Russell Hance's BROTHER wins…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 13, 2012

We are the Nobodies

you know what I hate? People who are famous who don't deserve to be famous. There are a million people who have actual talent, actual…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 10, 2012


No explanation needed. she's pure perfection.
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jul 02, 2012

10 celebs that used to be strippers

In honer of god blessing us with Magic Mike, here are some celebs who were strippers. 10. Lady Gaga Okay, she was a go-go dancer, not exactly…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jun 27, 2012

Style-spiration Stefani Germanotta

You mean Lady GaGa? No I don't I mean, Stefani Germanotta, the girl GaGa was before she was GaGa. In my honest opinion I like…
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Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jun 24, 2012

Vintage, Retro, and Rockabilly.

Rant. So I track the "Vintage" tag on tumblr and somebody said yesterday that most people who dress "Vintage" get their clothes from Forever 21, and…


Okay so, Vanessa wants you guys to vote for her on this Poll, ON THIS GIRL'S PAGE  it's on the right side of the page, and…
Lolita Bently
Lolita Bently Jun 17, 2012
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